2018 Person of the Year

Peter A. Betro Jr.

Person of the Year

2018 Person of the Year

Located in the heart of Walpole, Betro Pharmacy was a trusted caregiver to the Community for 65 years, providing warm, friendly and personal service. Founded in 1952 by Peter Betro Senior, the pharmacy has always been dedicated to providing more than just medicine to its patrons. The Betro family and their employees made it a point to know their customers by name, and were committed to the health and well-being of all. This year’s honoree started working at the pharmacy in 1970, under the tutelage of his father, Peter Sr., who passed away in 1982 giving Peter the drive to take over the family business. After receiving a degree in accounting from Stonehill College in 1979 Peter went on to become a 1987 graduate of Mass College of Pharmacy. As the lead pharmacist at Betro’s, Peter treated his responsibilities with the same respect and care that his father had instilled in him. Betro Pharmacy was known near and far as a warm and friendly drugstore where you entered as a customer and left as a friend.

Peter Jr. made it his mission that his customers would feel his compassion and concern for them. It was not uncommon over the years to watch Peter head out nights or weekends, regardless of the time or weather, to deliver a prescription for one of his customers … very much the way his father had done countless times over the years. His attentiveness to his clients helped brighten many a senior’s day, knowing they were well taken care of. While Peter endeared himself to the citizens of Walpole, he has a special relationship with its senior community – stop one of Walpole’s seniors and mention Peter’s name, and you will see a smile and a twinkle in their eyes that tells his story.

Aside from his local service to the Walpole community, Peter took on a very large role regionally in developing a model for Medical Delivery Systems for Group Homes in the area. Peter was asked to – consult with state agencies through the Department of Mental Health, on building an efficient and transferable medical delivery system. This assisted many adult day care and day rehab organizations, including Horace Mann Educational Associates (HMEA) in Franklin as well as Riverside Community Day Care, a child and family service agency located throughout Eastern and Central MA. For his efforts, Peter was given the HMEA Citizen’s Award in 1990, for assisting and developing their group home in Norfolk. In 2003, Riverside Community Day Care honored Peter with their Person of the Year Award.

Peter has been the recipient of many other awards given to him by his peers for his continued community service and dedication to Walpole. In 2002 he was named Person of the Year by the Walpole Chamber of Commerce; in 2008 Peter received the Alan D. Rockwood Community Service Award which exemplifies Walpole’s spirit of sharing and giving back to the community. He continues to serve on the Walpole Housing Authority and became Board Chairman in 2016. He also serves as a Board Member for Walpole Media Corporation.

Peter is a life-long resident of Walpole who has devoted himself to his customers, his community and most of all his family. Peter’s brother Joseph and his wife Judy are here today from San Francisco with their family. His sister, Maria still resides in Walpole and is in attendance to celebrate with him. Peter’s lovely mother, Lucille, age 90, is here today to see her son honored once again by their community. It is with great pride that the Friends of Saint Patrick present Peter A. Betro Jr., one of Walpole’s favorite sons, the 2018 Person of the Year Award.

Today’s charitable recipients will be the Walpole Council on Aging and Walpole Smiling Eyes.

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