Who We Are


      Donnell Murphy

      Debi Bering

      Alyson Rockwood Carew

      Lorraine Dundon

      Rich Harwood

      Kate Hinton

      Ed McDonough

      Jim O’Neil

      Clinton Oxley

      Christy Parlon

      Tom Rockwood

      Ryan Shields

      Paul Smith

      Chris Sullivan

      Virginia Tracey

      Katie Turco Abate

The Friends of St. Patrick
Walpole, Massachusetts

“The Friends of St. Patrick” was founded in 1987 in Walpole, Mass, by a small band of local citizens who realized the value of capturing the spirit of good will and good cheer that abounds each year on the feast of Ireland’s most famous saint.

It was agreed that the most appropriate manner of celebrating this event would be an annual luncheon in mid March at which time all people who shared that spirit would be welcome to join together in food, drink, laughter and song. In the spirit of its patron, each year the organization acknowledges the outstanding contributions of individuals and has donated over $424,362.00 to charities, including Wrentham State School, Friends of the Walpole Public Library, Project Face, Walpole Council on Aging, WEEI 590 Fund, Walpole Food Pantry, Jimmy Fund, Walpole Scholarship Fund, American Cancer Society, The Walpole V.N.A., Friends of St. Nick, Walpole Lions, Boston Food Bank, Miracles for Moody, Caritas Good Samaritan Hospice and Longview Farm.

A wee bit of the leprechaun’s magic is cast upon everyone who attends the luncheon and they are thereafter a lifetime member of “The Friends of St. Patrick” with the continuing obligation to spread good will and good cheer.

We hope you have enjoyed our annual celebration and until the same time next year:

“May God hold you in the palm of His hand.”